5 Benefits of Chiro for Seniors

5 Benefits of Chiro for Seniors


Older adults begin to face unique health struggles that Chiropractic care is specially equipped to address. Older people suffer from arthritis, decreased flexibility, brittle bones, poor balance and joint degeneration. Regular visits with a chiropractor can enhance the lives of elderly patients in 5 specific ways.

  1. Immune system and overall health
    When your spine is properly aligned, it increases circulation which helps clean out toxins from your body. It also allows the brain to communicate fully with all parts of your body, allowing it to monitor and repair the body more effectively. One study has shown a 200% increase in immune system function for adults who regularly see a chiropractor over the course of 5 years.
  2. Pain relief
    Back pain in elderly patients is often a result of osteoarthritis or spinal compression fractures. As you age, bone density decreases, which can cause fractures to the bones in the course of everyday tasks. If your back is not aligned, it places increased pressure on vertebrae and can increase your risk of a fracture. Spinal manipulation and massage can help ease the pain from osteoarthritis by relieving pressure from the joints between vertebrae.
  3. Balance and coordination
    Small receptors at the base of the cervical spine help your brain understand where your limbs are functioning in space. As you age, these receptors don’t function as efficiently as before, making it more difficult to understand how your body is moving through space. This results in more falls, poor balance, and difficulty in getting up or walking. Chiropractic care helps to improve the communication in the spine and has been shown to stimulate the receptors and increase their effectiveness. (June 15:67-94.Guyton, MD. Textbook of Medical Physiology. 9th edition. WB Saunders, Philadelphia 1996; 714)
  4. Flexibility and range of motion
    In 2001, an Australian study proved that regular chiropractic adjustments could increase the range of motion for patients. As patients age, helping them maintain their flexibility and range of motion translates into better quality of life. They are able to continue doing the things they enjoy and are less likely to develop pain from those activities.
  5. Quality of Life
    Dr. Ian Coulter studied the effects of regular chiropractic care among elderly populations and found a shocking increase in the quality of life of patients. Patients he followed reported these amazing benefits from their chiropractic care:

    • 22% less likely to suffer from arthritis
    • more likely to exercise
    • much less likely to move to a nursing home (5% of those who had chiropractic care vs. 48% of those who did not)
    • Decreased incidence of hospital stays

Chiropractic care is an essential cornerstone of both preventive and palliative care. As adults age and their health begins to decline, it is even more essential that they safeguard their health with regular chiropractic maintenance.

As a chiropractor in San Jose, our whole mission is to give you the tools to become a better version of yourself. If any pains or aches are bothering you, please make sure you reach out to us!

About The Author
Sam Clavell Dr. Clavell has seven years of experience and has trained 15 other doctors on the path to their careers. He is the CEO & co-founder of Life Giving Chiropractic.
  1. Dean Phillips

    I had no idea that when your spine is properly aligned, it increases circulation which helps clean toxins from your body. For the last few weeks, my wife has been complaining about back pain that has been interrupting her ability to fall and stay asleep. It seems like it would be a good idea for her to set up an appointment with a chiropractor so that she can determine what is causing her back pain.

  2. Camille Devaux

    My uncle would love knowing that there is a larger range in motion when you get a chiropractor’s help. Making sure that you are able to get the right adjustments is really useful. He would love knowing that he could regain that flexibility.

  3. Angela Waterford

    My uncle has been facing unique health struggles ever since he reached 60. I think a chiropractic service could help him out since it would help him with pain relief. I think he has been suffering from hip problems which makes him walk funny so if going to a chiropractor will help him restore his balance, I’ll take him to one next week.

  4. Eli Richardson

    It was interesting when you said that seeing the chiropractic regularly increases the range of motion and flexibility. My mom has been complaining that her hands hurt after doing the dishes. It would be best to take her to a chiropractor to help her.

  5. Ellie Davis

    I liked that you mentioned spinal massage can help your elder to ease the pain from osteoarthritis. My husband and I are thinking about how to help his grandfather with his arthritis problems. I will let him know about the benefits of chiropractic care to help his grandfather.


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