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Why choose our chiropractic care?

A healthy spine and nervous system are important in every day life. Back, neck, and shoulder pain are common symptoms caused by injuries, poor posture and even your sleeping position. Chiropractic treatment can correct spinal alignment and restore function to aching backs. Chiropractors diagnose, treat, and prevent spinal and joint disorders using a hands-on approach.


LifeGiving Chiropractic is committed to empowering our patients to regain control of their lives.   We take a comprehensive approach to your care. Everything we do is built on chiropractic adjustments. However we know that it doesn’t just stop there.  We provide additional services to supplement our care such as massage therapy and dietary education.  There will be no medications, surgeries, or other external interventions. We meet each patient’s specific needs by becoming experts in a variety of techniques while always growing our base of knowledge. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation!

Chiropractic Care in Kennesaw, GA

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Chiropractic Adjustments for Great Posture

Kennesaw Family Chiropractic

We at LifeGiving Chiropractic offer a welcoming atmosphere right when you walk in the door. If you are a new patient at LifeGiving Chiropractic, we prefer to start with an in-depth diagnosis before moving on to treatment. Following the examination, we will provide our findings and ensure you understand them before going through with our recommended course of action to correct the problem. Then, we provide you with an accurate cost estimate for your chiropractic treatment in Kennesaw. We strive to focus on our patients’ needs, from minor adjustments to long-term care plans.


At LifeGiving Chiropractic we focus on the cause and assist you in beginning your journey to thriving or reclaiming your life, regardless of what you’re going through now.



Chiropractic care focuses specifically on the spine. Because the vertebrae and central nervous system serve a purpose in nearly every part of your body, when your spine is compressed or not functioning properly, health problems can arise anywhere in the body. Chiropractic adjustments and sometimes therapeutic massage can help with a variety of health issues.

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Auto Accident Injuries

A car accident can quickly turn an otherwise ordinary day into a nightmare. Even mild accidents can cause pain and trauma for weeks. Chiropractic care can help with stress and chronic pain, allowing you to feel better faster.

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Nutrition and Wellness

We know that chiropractic adjustments should not be the end of treatment. If a proper diet and exercise routine are not followed, the effects of regular corrections and treatments will be diminished. LifeGiving Chiropractic’s approach is extensive and encompasses many facets of your journey to recovery.

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Spinal Decompression

Spinal compression occurs when the vertebrae press against the soft discs between the vertebrae. Soft discs can slip out and cause pain and discomfort. Spinal decompression can assist in reducing it. The chiropractor will use a specially designed table to gently stretch and then relax the spine during this procedure.

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Therapeutic Massage

At Lifegiving Chiropractic, we understand that adjustments aren’t always the best option. A massage can also be an effective tool for relieving stress and treating common muscle tightness and injury-related problems. Depending on the problem that needs to be addressed, a variety of techniques can be used.

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Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractic care

Roughly 50% of women experience lower body and hip pain throughout the duration of their pregnancy. LifeGiving Chiropractic is able to provide care for all types of pain and discomfort. Our team has served countless pregnant women and provided relief from a wide range of symptoms using chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.

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Sports Injuries

Sports tend to put a tremendous strain on your body. Pushing your body to its limits regardless of the activity exposes you to a variety of injuries, especially if you haven’t done any sort of stretching or warm-up exercises. Chiropractic adjustments, as well as other treatment options such as massage or physical therapy, will be beneficial not only in preventing injuries, but also in quickly recovering after an injury has occurred.

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FAQs about Chiropractic Care in Kennesaw, GA

Should you see a chiropractor for low back pain?

If you have low back pain, we recommend that you come in for an initial consultation. In the first session, we can figure out the cause of your pain and come up with a way to treat it.

What should I expect at my first chiropractic appointment in Kennesaw, GA?

Your initial visit to our clinic is referred to as a LifeGiving Event since it is a significant step on your way to a healthier life. You will take a tour of our office on your first day. Then, your doctor will sit down with you for a face-to-face consultation. The purpose of this meeting is to connect with you and ensure that your needs are understood. Following the consultation, the office staff will take X-rays and do a cutting-edge posture analysis. These cutting-edge tools will allow us to thoroughly analyze the core cause of the problem.

Is it ok to see a chiropractor if I'm pregnant?

One of the major benefits of chiropractic is that it’s safe for pregnant and nursing women. We have special protocols for pregnant women at different stages of pregnancy. If you are dealing with pregnancy pain, LifeGiving Chiropractic can help.

What are the benefits of going to a chiropractor?

The biggest benefit of going to a chiropractor is improved overall health. Chiropractors don’t just deal with pain, they address the root causes of major ailments by using spinal adjustments. Our patients who receive regular spinal adjustments report an overall improved quality of life.

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