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“At Lifegiving Chiropractic in Campbell California, we focus on combining musculoskeletal care with other holistic and alternative medicines, such as massage therapy and nutritional support. This method will help you attain maximum healing and rejuvenation.”


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What to Expect at Lifegiving Chiropractic in Campbell

Our Campbell location focuses on providing our community with a patient-centered, family-orientation approach to chiropractic care. We concentration on alleviating immediate symptoms to create long-term wellness and improved quality of life. We find that people have learned to settle for a mediocre level of health when they could be achieving so much more. The fact that our current health care system teaches people that if you are not in pain, you are healthy. You only go to the doctor if that pain continues, and once that pain is gone, you are free to go about your life. This model simply does not work for most people, pain in a poor judge of health. At LifeGiving Chiropractic, we don’t allow you to settle for a “pain-free” approach to health that is based on covering up symptoms, and taking “another pill”. Instead, we focus on the cause and help you begin your journey towards thriving.


When you first walk into the LifeGiving Chiropractic center in Campbell, CA, you are surrounded by an upbeat environment where you can really feel at home. Most of our patients look forward to their visits, and we look forward to seeing them. If you are a newcomer and have never worked with LifeGiving Chiropractic before, rather than simply jumping in and starting treatment, we like to start with education and diagnosis. After a brief evaluation, we will sit you down for a one-on-one that will thoroughly explain our findings, what the recommended course of action is to correct the problem and give you a clear understanding of the costs. We find that this up-front, patient-center approach helps generate a level of trust right from the beginning. We make sure that our patients are confident in our plan, and no one is left to wonder what is going to happen next.

About the Owner

Dr. Josh Ben at LifeGiving Chiropractic

From infancy, chiropractic care played a massive role in Dr. Josh’s life. This has given him the ability to experience how much of a difference a lifetime program of preventive maintenance can make in people’s lives.


By maintaining his chiropractic care regimen through adolescence and into his teenage years, he was able to see first hand how a regular Chiropractic practice can prevent many health issues when the root cause is treated. This experience helped him discover how he could make the same difference in the lives of others that he experienced himself.


As he got older and started thinking about what he wanted to do with his career, chiropractic wasn’t his first choice. He knew he wanted to work in health care but hadn’t decided which area suited him best. Initially, he started work as an athletic trainer in college. It was there that he gained firsthand experience in witnessing how traditional medical methods masked symptoms rather than focusing on and correcting the cause. This experience propelled him into becoming a chiropractor.


After graduating from the University of Washington, D.C. Life University, he started LifeGiving Chiropractic in Campbell CA in 2011. To this day he is dedicated to helping his clients live happy and healthy lives. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Josh and discover what he can do for you and your whole family.

Office Location

Located in Campbell, CA our office serves the San Jose, California community. If you are looking for a San Jose Chiropractor, we are here to serve. We take a holistic approach to your care. Chiropractic adjustments are the basis of everything that we do. However, we also enhance our care through massage, education, and supplements.


No medications, no surgeries, no outside intervention. No two patients have exactly the same needs. With our caring Chiropractor and on-site massage therapists, we meet the unique needs of every patient every time with our whole-body approach to care.


Our office is located on the corner of Bascom Avenue and McBain Avenue, across the street from the Trader Joes. We are Suite 230 in the office building, right next to the offices of Smile Now Dental, Bay View Eye Care Center, and Kai Orthodontics. To the right of us, you’ll find the Campbell Child Development Center. We are in the heart of Campbell in San Jose, and we are honored to be your top choice in chiropractic care.

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Map Us1930 S Bascom Ave, Ste 230
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ph: (408) 340-5055

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Massage hours vary, call for appointment.

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