Tension Headaches

Tension headaches can be caused by many things, bad posture, tight muscles, or staring at a screen for too long. By relieving the pressure on your spine you can relieve the tension and reduce the amount number of headaches you get.


People who suffer from migraines know how debilitating they can be. By getting regular adjustments can reduce the number you get or help you identify the reason they are occurring.

Chiropractic Help

When you get a chiropractic adjustment you reduce inflammation in your spine and restore proper function to the entire nervous system. It can also help reverse damage caused by years of poor posture. Both issues are linked to the reason people get headaches on a regular basis.


If you or a loved one has ever experienced a migraine or tension headache then you are familiar with the intense pain and discomfort that these conditions can cause. Without proper treatment, they can become a permanent and debilitating part of your life, even causing you to miss work and important family events. If you are living with chronic tension headaches or migraines but you are unfamiliar with chiropractic care, give our team a call to schedule an initial consultation.

Tension Headaches

Tension Headaches

Eliminate Pain and improve your focus

Tension headaches are commonly described as moderate to severe pain that feels like a band has been placed around that person’s head and tightened. The pain can be pulsing, or a constant steady ache that can make it difficult to focus on anything else.


The cause for a tension headache could be dozens of different things, but the most common is bad posture, muscles that are too tight, and staring at a computer screen or smartphone too long. Tension headaches can also be caused by back or neck injuries as well as pre-existing conditions.


Pain and Other Physical Damage Is Not Always Immediately Evident

A migraine headache is the most intense and debilitating one can experience. A migraine has the same level of pain if not more than a tension headache, and it is also accompanied by sensitivity to light, nausea, and sensitivity to sound.


The causes for migraines are varied, and when migraines are discussed with a patient they often recognize the warning signs when a migraine is coming on. The most common causes are believed to be hormone fluctuations, poor diet, stress, and bad posture.

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A Lady Suffering From Headache in Austell
Chiropractic Care for Headache In Austell

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Help you relieve pain and get your health back

If you have been treating your chronic headaches and migraines with over the counter pain medications it may be time to consider an alternative treatment. Regular chiropractic adjustments, as well as lifestyle changes and other wellness activities, have been shown to all but eliminate headaches and migraines. Chiropractic care is also safe and teaches your body to heal itself, rather than rely on medication to simply mask the pain.


Chiropractic adjustments focus primarily on the spine to reduce inflammation and restore proper function to the entire nervous system. It is believed that headaches and especially migraines are linked to improper alignment of the spine and constricted nerves. Chiropractic adjustments actively reverse the damage caused by years of poor posture and retrain your spine to perform at an optimum level.


As part of your wellness plan, other services may be recommended, such as a massage which could be completed by one of our certified massage therapists, and diet changes. All of these different treatments carry the simple goal of reducing inflammation and allowing your nervous system to perform the way it was intended to perform. Too often people have become so used to living with headaches and migraines in Austell that they forget what their life can look like without them.


Your body has the amazing ability to heal itself without the use of harmful medications, so if you are ready to take the next step and shake the weight of chronic headaches and migraines in Roswell off of your life consider contact our team at LifeGiving Chiropractic today!

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What Is the Difference Between A Headache And A Migraine?

Whether you’re facing a headache or a migraine, they can both disrupt your day and make you feel miserable. The reason it’s crucial to understand the difference is that they can be treated a little differently.


A headache often has the symptoms of pain and pressure. You’ll often feel headache pain on both sides of your head rather than just one. There are several types of headaches and causes, such as headaches caused by sinus problems, tension headaches caused by stress, Chiari headaches caused by your body’s development at birth, and more. Headaches can be just as severe as migraines, such as thunderclap headaches, which spring up quickly and can be a sign of a stroke or brain aneurysm, and should be taken seriously.   


A migraine is often a more intense pain than a headache, but not always. One of the things that help set them apart is the additional symptoms a migraine can cause beyond the pain and pressure experienced with a headache. At times, migraine pain may be only on one side of your head. These additional symptoms can include seeing prisms, light sensitivity, feeling sick to your stomach, vomiting, temple pain, pain behind your eyes, and in some cases, a loss of vision in one or both eyes. In addition, migraines can sometimes impede a person from performing their regular daily tasks.

What Causes Migraines?

The triggers involved with migraines can be different from person to person. For some people, eating a particular food, such as chocolate, can cause a migraine. For others, it may have more to do with their hormone levels, such as when they start ovulating during their menstrual cycle. However, some of the most common causes of migraines include diet, hormones, anxiety, stress, medications, environmental factors, and emotions. For example, an environmental factor could be being in a smoky room or a drastic change in temperature from day to day. 


As the exact cause of migraines may not be evident right away, many doctors request their patients to keep a log that can help to pinpoint what may be causing the migraines. They go over the records and look for patterns of behavior that come around the time of the migraine. For example, your physician may request that you stop eating a particular food or alter your behavior to see if that prevents your migraines or not. If you keep chocolate out of your diet and still have migraines, there’s a chance that it wasn’t your trigger, or you have additional triggers. Finding your exact trigger or triggers may take trial and error to see what tends to occur around when your migraines hit.

Will Migraines Get Better Over Time?

There can be the thought that once you find your trigger or triggers that you can actively combat how often you get migraines, and depending on what your triggers are, it’s possible you could reduce the number of migraines you get. However, for many people, it can be impossible to eliminate everything that causes migraines. 


In addition, for some, migraines can get worse over time for several reasons. You may develop new triggers, such as starting a new medication or changes in your hormone levels as you age. Some people may get to the point where they have cluster headaches, where they have more than 15 headaches a month, with at least eight of the headaches also having migraine symptoms over at least three months. At that time, you could be considered a chronic headache sufferer, and often, it’s necessary to work with your doctor to evaluate the cause of your chronic headaches to help reduce the number you suffer from to get back to feeling better more often.


At Lifegiving Chiropractic, we work with you to help identify if there is something in your daily habits that might be causing your headaches. We also evaluate whether or not regular adjustments could eliminate your headaches altogether. From there, we will assess your lifestyle and work with you to create an action plan that can help you relieve headache pain.

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